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Stone Polishing wax

Stone polishing wax is used for surface polishing of stainless steel products, stainless steel products, copper products, aluminum products, chromium products, and other metal products, is also suitable for leather products, bakelite plastic, organic glass, wooden furniture, jade and other non-metallic products such as polishing. 

Advantages of products: non-toxic, odorless, fragrance and pleasant fragrance. It is especially suitable for the high speed polishing machine, or automatic polishing machine. Used with pneumatic tools, hand grinding and buffing wheel, cloth turbine, it has a fast polishing speed and make the surface of the polishing piece brightness uniform and not stained with oil.

According to the polishing process is divided into four categories-yellow wax/purple wax/green wax/white wax.

Yellow stone polishing wax-a wide range of use, mainly used on first stage for metal, non-metal polishing. This products is focused on cutting force, usually uses with hemp wheel.

Purple stone polishing wax-applicable to middle polishing and dine polishing for general characteristics of metal.

Green stone polishing wax-suitable for finish polishing of metal, non-metal. This product is focused on the finish. widely used in stainless steel tableware, kitchenware, bathroom etc.

White stone polishing wax-suitable in middle or fine polishing of non metal and soft metal, such copper, aluminum, plastic etc. especially focus on the finish.

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