Established in 2003,Xmgt is a professional cutting blade manufacturers and stone polishing tools suppliers, specializating in diamond saw blades And Relevant Products Distribution Even Earlier.

Marble cutting blade

The marble cutting blade's production process:

1. Makeup Diamond/Metal Powder Formula Of Segments By Our Factory:

2. Hot Press Technology To Produce Segment Parts:

3.Cold Press Of Segments:

4.High-Temperature Sintered Of Segments:

5. Segments Finishing(Ps: other Shapes Can Be Produced):

6.Weld The Segments On The Blades:

7.Twice Quality Inspection To Issue No Edge Broken:

8.Polish The Saw Blade:

9.Color The Saw Blade By Your Requirement, Color Customized:

10.OEM Laser Printing

Main feature of our marble cutting disc:

1. High effective, environmentally friendly, easy operation, long lifespan and no edge broken.

2.Hotpress,cold press technology, silent core segment to prove the high-quality cutting result.

3.Diamond/steel power raw material.

4.High formula Key /U/Fishhook slot  segment

5.4inch to 32inch segment offered.

6.Multi-hole design by customer's requirements.

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